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We are one of the largest companies in the sale of used clothing, shoes and toys. The items that we sell are in gently used condition.

American Fashion Clothing is a well-established company that has been selecting and selling used clothing shoes, toys and wipers since 2010. Therefore, we have the experience required in selecting and grading a wide range of goods for the worldwide market.  All original material comes from the North American region, hence allowing us to supply fashionable clothes of well-known brands. Our company policy is to maintain an inventory of high quality merchandise.

We prepare a mix of special quality clothes for market around that world to sell second-hands clothing.

Every single piece is hand-sorted by the experienced sorting team and approved by the high trained supervisors before being packed in transparent bags and prepared as bales of 100 and up too 1000 lbs each.

We offer top quality mixed clothes for women, men, children and babies, both for summer and winter.

We also speak your language as we are worldwide used clothing exporters merchandise.